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    While speaking to the Health Select Committee, Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England warned that “health service spending is to fall per head, even though the population is getting older”, the Telegraph reports.

    The chief executive of the health service, Simon Stevens, said this to the MPs:

    “For the next three years, we didn’t get the funding that was requested … so, as a result, we’ve got a bigger hill to climb.

    “Given we’ve got an ageing and growing population if you just look at the population growth – even before you take account of ageing – 2018/19 will be the most pressurised year for us – where we actually will have negative per person NHS funding growth.”

    Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary also said this at the same hearing:

    “I fully understand the pressures that people on the front line are experiencing now,

    “We are looking after one million more over 75s than we were five years ago and in five years time, we will be looking after another million over 75s in England and that produces massive pressures on the NHS front line.

    “People working in hospitals have never been busier, people in GP practices and in the social care sector the same.”

    According to Hunt, if the NHS takes decisions to ration care for patients, he would intervene; he also said that NHS money would be saved in the long run with improvements in safety and quality of care.

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    October 19, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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