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    The amount raised during the show was £26.7m, exceeding the record set last year, and is expected to rise in the coming weeks. 


    Sir Terry Wogan, who hosted the show, used the ongoing scandal over allegations of child abuse by Jimmy Saville that have affected the BBC to emphasise the importance of the work that Children in Need does.

    This shows that in spite of difficult times, Children in Need has not lost site of the poverty and struggles surrounding some children’s lives at the moment.

    The help that they give to thousands of families struggling to survive, as well as those children suffering from abuse and neglect, is even more important in times of austerity.

    It is easy to lose sight


    of the real issues behind the scandals the media gets wrapped up in, but there are many unfortunate families that still need help. Luckily we have charity events like this to bring us back to the real reasons for giving money to charity. There are families in poverty, children with disabilities, and children who have suffered unmentionable crimes that still need help, and it is good to see people are still giving it.


    To introducing a video segment showing statistics about how more than one in three sexually abused children do not tell anyone else about it, Sir Terry addressed the recent problems:

    Children should be able to trust adults, that should be a given; our role is to protect them.

    Sadly, as we know, there are times when adults abuse that trust and in the film we’re about to show you, three workers from Children in Need-funded projects who help and support children and victims of sexual abuse tell us the dreadful effect that abuse has had on young lives, but how, with your help, we can make a difference.

    David Ramsden, chief executive of BBC Children in Need said:

    Tonight’s total is phenomenal. It is amazing that people across the UK have once again come together to raise such a massive sum.

    Thank you so much for helping to change thousands of young lives across the UK.

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    November 19, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Charity News

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