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    Housing institute call on the Chancellor to review the welfare reforms before announcing the government's future spending plans.

    The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) say the reforms have resulted in increased payments for households suffering increased hardship.

     Later this month, George Osborne will be announcing the government's spending plans, which will include the allocation of funds to discretionary housing payments (DHP).

    DHP are available to those struggling to pay their rent, and have been used a lot following changes to housing benefits with the introduction of the bedroom tax.

    The current allocation for 2013/14 for DHP is £155 million, but the CIH are saying this should be increased to £250 million for 2015/16 due to the reforms.

    They have asked the government to evaluate and amend the bedroom tax and increase the DHP for those who are suffering because of it, as reports so far show that the allowance is likely to be inadequate to cover the shortfall people have suffered as they cannot meet their rent costs.

    The CIH submission also calls for revenue funding for supported housing to be maintained at £1.75 billion a year, to keep the preventing homelessness grant at £160 million a year, and for disabled facilities grants and decent homes funding to continue.


    June 03, 2013 by Support Solutions Categories: Government And Reforms

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