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    “A Scottish Government consultation on the implementation of some aspects of Universal Credit have been devolved and closes today”, 24 housing reports.

    Following recent warnings from the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee about problems with the new Universal Credit system,  CIH Scotland has pointed out some issues with the implementation of the new single payment, such as:

    • Members on the frontline of housing provision reporting a substantial rise in rent arrears due to delayed payments and inconsistencies in communication with Department of Work and Pension staff
    • Social landlords being compelled to support tenants with huge internal resources to support their claims
    • A rise in demand for alternative financial support such as Scottish Welfare Fund and referrals to food bank
    • The reluctance of private landlords to let properties to claimants of Universal Credit

    The following warnings have also come up as CIH Scotland prepares for its yearly conference which is scheduled to take place at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow on the 14th and 15th of March:

    • The above-named issues have become a cause for severe hardship for many tenants
    • The risk of homelessness is therefore on the rise
    • Fears of a return to the old ‘No DSS’ culture that stopped access to the private rented sector for many benefit claimants in the 1980’s

    While speaking about  the issues surrounding the process of rolling out Universal Credit, Annie Mauger, CIH Scotland’s Executive Director said:

    “… we would urge the Scottish and UK Governments to redouble their efforts to work constructively together to find sustainable long-term solutions to these problems.”

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    March 13, 2017 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Universal Credit

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