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    Clare's law was named after Clare Wood, 36, who was murdered by her former boyfriend George Appleton at her home in Salford in February 2009.

    This pilot scheme ran in Greater Manchester, Gwent, Wiltshire and Nottingham, where about 400 women were given information  which has helped victims of domestic violence  and as a result, will be extended nationwide.

    Clare's law was trialled for 12 months from September 2012 to allow women to check police records to see if a partner has a violent past. It is expected to take effect from March.

    Clare, the mother of one had met Appleton on Facebook, unaware of his history of violence against women including repeated harassment, threats and the knifepoint kidnapping of a previous girlfriend.

    The Guardian reported the home secretary, Theresa May's concerns:

    “88 women were killed by a violent partner or former partner last year, …there was confusion about when or if police can share information on someone's violent past with the public.”

    May said: “Domestic abuse shatters lives – Clare's law provides people with the information they need to escape an abusive situation before it ends in tragedy.

    “The national scheme will ensure that more people can make informed decisions about their relationship and escape if necessary. This is an important step towards ensuring we do better by women like Clare Wood in the future.”


    November 25, 2013 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Domestic Violence

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