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    New Prisons and Rehabilitation Minister Jeremy Wright attended the restaurant opening of 'The Clink', where offenders work to prepare for release.

    The Clink Cymru restaurant, run by the Clink charity outside HMP Cardiff, is a refurbished restaurant where prisoners from Cardiff and Prescoed prisons will be working.

    It is a place where offenders will work to prepare for release and can gain a range of hospitality related qualifications whilst experiencing a real work environment.

    Jeremy Wright, the new Prisons and Rehabilitation Minister, said:

    We are determined to cut reoffending rates by giving offenders the skills and the work ethic they need to find employment on release from custody.

    I'm genuinely impressed by what I've seen here today. The Clink is an excellent example of how we are encouraging meaningful work and training in prisons so offenders are given what they need to address the issues that brought them to custody and are equipped to make positive changes.

    The first Clink Restaurant, at HMP High Down, opened in May 2009. Both restaurants positively promote the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners and also the wealth of quality, fresh and organic produce available locally.

    Richard Booty, Governor of HMP Cardiff, said:

    This partnership will help us deliver an employment-based scheme to get prisoners work-ready and prepared for released. We are working in partnership with The Clink charity and HMP Prescoed to ensure this opportunity is widely available to prisoners in Wales. The experience of working at The Clink will provide offenders with the skills and attitudes that will help them choose a different direction in life.

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    September 20, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Offenders And Ex-offenders

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