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    Salford City Council has found that 65% of its social housing tenants hit by the bedroom tax have fallen into arrears.

    The council has seen the amount of residents in arrears double since the April introduction of the under-occupancy policy. The cut in housing benefit means that every Salford family struck by the tax is losing at least £725 per year.

    ‘Feeling the Pain' is the councils report which details how thousands in the city are struggling to make ends meet as a result of the government's cuts and welfare changes, reports 24dash.

    The report also shows that the average loss in benefits per Salford household stands at £1,600 per year. Over 11,00 people in the city are on the housing waiting list with 7,000 of them needing one-bedroom properties, however the area only has 8,000 one bed properties which are all currently occupied.

    The council says that it has been prevented from helping all of the residents affected after the government slashed funding to aid vulnerable tenants.  Money for ‘social fund' has been cut by 45% whilst demand has increased.

    Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart said: “We feared the worst when the government's benefit cuts were announced, now we have the evidence to show just how badly Salford is hurting right now.

    “Salford people are being hit with two lots of cuts by the government. They are losing benefits income and the government is giving the council less money to provide services and support residents.”

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    November 27, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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