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    Exeter Council has warned that handing money over to the needy can lead to deaths.

    According to a campaign runned by the Exeter Community Safety Partnership and Devon and Cornwall Police:

    “Money handed over to beggars is often spent on drugs or alcohol or to fund a comfortable lifestyle away from the streets.”

    Council Leader Pete Edwards said:

    “Evidence that the overwhelming majority of people begging on the streets of Exeter spend their begging money on crack cocaine and heroin is indisputable. Giving money to these people could be fuelling a drug habit that will eventually kill them!” reported that:

    “The council has warned that beggars can earn up to £80 a day and a recent audit proved that over 70% of people begging were not homeless.”

    After begging and obtaining their fix, they return to their accommodation.

    Those who are willing to help should donate to an alternative giving scheme, where the funds can be put into good use, to aid the homeless.

    Devon and Cornwall Police's acting sergeant, Chris Leisk, said:

    “This isn't about targeting people who are down on their luck.

    It's not about arresting or cutting off the help for people who find themselves in hard times.

    We see the same people every day of the week using begging to fund the lifestyle they choose.

    This campaign is about educating the public to help us make these people get the help they need to challenge their addictions.”

    September 09, 2013 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Housing And Benefits

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