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    We are more than aware of the concerns organisations have, and the people they work with, when using social media.

    In this blog post, we want to discuss just a couple of ways social organisations can create a safe space for the people they work with, and fully embrace social media.

    1)      Create a closed Facebook Group – Many are scared to use Facebook, at least in their own name, for fear they could be found. This means it’s highly unlikely that the people you work with will communicate with you on your main page. In order to build a community and get people talking, we suggest you create a closed Facebook group. With a closed Facebook group only people added by the creators of the group (this would be your organisation) would be able to use it. This means you can monitor who is using the group, who sees other members and what the discussion is about. Unless added, nobody would even know the group exists.

    2)      Teach the people you work with about privacy settings – Many people are unaware of how they can utilise privacy settings to ensure no private information is spread. Teach the people you work with how they can use privacy settings to their full potential to ensure its safety of use.

    3)      Share helpful links – Even if you create a safe space, people still may feel uncomfortable in creating accounts to interact with you. Nevertheless you should not use that to prevent you from having social media accounts. Instead of trying to create conversations, use the platforms to post help links to sites that may help the people you work with and become a hub of information for people who need it.

    If you need more ways on how to create a safe social media space, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help.

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    This blog post has been written by our sister company The Media Bubble who specialise in social media for the social sector.

    November 21, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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