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    Local authorities in the North West of England and London will apparently be hit hardest in the 2013 Comprehensive Spending Review taking place on 26th June.


    It has been reported that Chancellor George Osborne is planning to a 10% cut to 2015-2016 local authority budgets.

    The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) surveyed a total of 638 of its members on their concerns surrounding these local authority cuts. The survey, which was open from 21st June to 24th June, revealed responses such as:

    Further cuts means greater risks and it will be children and vulnerable adults who suffer and people will be quick to point blame at social workers when things go wrong rather than look at the poor resources and staffing levels the Government has forced LAs to work in.

    Further cuts will greatly impact on Social Workers ability to perform their responsibilities and likely lead to an increase in removal of children from their families as quick solution.

    Underfunded services are already leaving vulnerable adults at risk of further harm and loss of dignity, a further cut to funding will have a devastating effect.

    These cuts have yet to be confirmed, but we only have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Chancellor George Osborne has planned, which will no doubt trigger many more concerns from social workers.

    The survey results from BASW and a selection of comments are available to read at

    June 25, 2013 by Laura Wightman Categories: Government And Reforms

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