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    Department of Health give a clear overview of the Health and Care System from April 2013.

    This diagram gives an overview of the new health and care system from April 2013. It illustrates the statutory bodies that will make up the new system, oriented around people and communities and where they receive their local health and care services. The illustration of local health services is indicative of a range of familiar settings for health and care services and is not intended to be comprehensive – the range of services available and the way in which they are delivered will vary according to local priorities.

    The diagram shows organisations working at a local and national level with the outer green ring highlighting the range of organisations whose central role is regulation of the system and safeguarding the interests of patients. Where there is a relationship between local, national and safeguarding organisations, this is indicated by arranging these organisations in alignment across the layers.

    The outer ring illustrates the Department of Health's role as steward of the health and care system, working to champion health and wellbeing across government. It shows the ultimate responsibility of the Secretary of State for ensuring the whole system works together to meet the needs of communities and his accountability to Parliament.

    Visit Department of Health Website to read more about the statutory bodies making up the new health and care system.




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