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    Digital Deal Challenge Fund For Social Housing Providers

    According to a report by Housing Technology 4.1m of the 8.7m UK adults in the UK, who have never been online, are in social housing.

    The Digital Deal has been created to stimulate and support social housing providers to undertake digital development work with their residents in order to generate savings and efficiency in the future. The challenge fund is open to all social housing providers operating in the UK. Consortia may apply providing each consortium includes a social housing provider.

    The intention of the digital deal is to encourage social housing providers to work with their tenants to share the benefits of being ‘digitally enabled'. It offers funding to social housing providers on a matched funding basis

    What is in it for the tenants?

    • Improved skills; employability, wellbeing, education and financial literacy
    • Access to digital services
    • Control and access to lower-cost services
    • Feeling empowered
    • Inclusion
    • Engage more efficiently with local services provided by landlords

    What is in it for the housing provider?

    • Improve communications
    • Reduce running costs
    • Value for money
    • Positive social outcomes

    £400,000 is available through Challenge Fund but additional funds are currently being sought from other public and private sector organisations. The Digital Deal are looking for around 10 initiatives at an average of £40,000 each.  It is recognised that £800,000 will be generated after funding has been matched by successful social housing providers and consortia applications.

     For those organisations that are successful the fuinding will be paid as follows: 25% of funding will be paid in August 2013, 50% in January 2014, 25% in May 2014 (the latter is based on successful completion of the project outcomes)

    If you think your organisation and tenants could benefit from  introducing digital online approaches to work and life, then check out the main criteria for applications via The Deal Challenge Fund website.

    To apply for the digital deal challenge fund you can visit

    You can also get involved with the conversation on Twitter by using the hash tag #digihousing or joining the Digital Housing Hub which is where social housing providers meet to help their tenants embrace the web, and

    Best of luck if you're looking to apply!

    April 21, 2013 by Laura Wightman Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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