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    Disability charity, Disability Wessex has said that the government’s reforms on bedroom tax are causing financial hardship to those with vulnerabilities.

    The advice service of Diverse Abilities Plus, has said that reforms to the support provided for housing costs and the household benefit cap, which includes the social sector size criteria, are affecting those with disabilities and vulnerabilities who are not the originally intended targets. However, they are unlikely to be able to change their circumstance without help from the government, reports the Bournemouth Echo.

    In a report published by the Work and Pensions Committee on April 2nd it recommends that anyone living in a home that has significant adaptations should be exempt from the SSSC. It further urges the government to exempt all households that contain a person who receives a higher level of disability benefits from the SSSC.

    Nikki Haswell, advice manager at Disability Wessex, said: “The SSSC is having a particular impact on people with disabilities who have adapted homes or need a room to accommodate a support worker and we witness the distress caused by the welfare reforms brought in 2012 on an almost daily basis. Last year we supported 94 people with a disability at their appeal hearings and are proud to say that 71 per cent were successful, but nevertheless it is very sad to see that some are not when the reforms are hitting genuinely sick and disabled people. The welfare changes are punishing some of the most vulnerable people in our society who are genuinely sick and disabled. The report could be a positive way forward and I hope the government take on board the report’s recommendations to support those with disabilities.”

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    April 14, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Government And Reforms

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