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    A man who had his disability benefits removed is on 15th day of a hunger strike in protest!

    George Rolph has had his benefits re-instated, but is continuing the strike so people hear his anger at the way disabled and vulnerable people are being treated.

     Mr Rolph, was wrongly classed as fit to work from an assessment by Atos, and has gone on a hunger strike out of protest.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have now admitted the error and reinstated the benefit, after months of struggle without it.

    However, Rolph is continuing the strike so that people hear his anger towards Atos and the government for the treatment of the disabled, the sick and the most vulnerable people in society. He is also looking for compensation for the troubles he has been through.

    Yesterday morning, his plight was read publicly at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool and is being tweeted widely on Twitter with the hashtags #GeorgeRolph, #Atos, #DWP, #Disability and #hungerstrike being the common way for people to pass on their support.

    There is a very emotive Sound Cloud interview with George that has had almost 1.5 thousand plays, and a short interview with Mr Rolph on BBC News London, about being forced to live in extreme poverty after having his income support removed. He is asked why he is on a hunger strike, to which he replied:

    You can have my life, but you will have it my way.

    I will die if you want me to, but I’m going to make a big noise.

    See the full BBC London interview on You Tube, including a report on a lady called Linda Wootton who received a fit to work assessment 9 days before she passed away due to her illness.

    George Rolph is using the social media channels to tell people about his protest but yesterday morning, Facebook deactivated George Rolph’s page without warning and with no reason given.

    There is now however a ‘We Support George Rolph‘ Facebook page still active, and a page set up by George himself to explain personal side of the story.

    It is not in the news as yet, which sceptics are putting down to being a cover up, but the word is still being passed on with individual WordPress pages about the topic, and are being circulated widely via Twitter.

    Please see our new post from 13/6/13 for an update on George’s case.

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    June 04, 2013 by Louise Byrne Categories: Benefits

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