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    Seeking practice issues

    Launching Creating an Impact: Social Care Evidence in Practice

    Do you have practice issues following the Care and Support White Paper?

     Do you have practice issues about long-term care/conditions?

    Professionals in the social care sector have been asked to help in a project that will draw together practice issues raised by practitioners together with research evidence. They will work closely with researchers and practitioners to address practice issues discovered.

    The project is intending to close the gap between people working daily in social care and those that study it and address the issues they find. It has been set up by funders of asult social care practice the NIHR School for Social Care Research, and is intended to help practicioners obtain research evidence and help researchers get information you can only obtain when hands on to address the issues in a more thorough way.

    Responses must be in by 25 September and can be sent by email, website comment, short video or audio file, and you can also register to join them on 19 October 2012 (10.00-16.00) in London to work through the research evidence that can help you (some travel bursuries are available).

    • Do you want to learn about what works in a particular area? For example, reablement, providing support for long term care or improving care quality?
    • Are you about to redesign a service? Would you like to work with a researcher to consider what the evidence recommends?
    • Do you think research asks the right questions?
    • Can you get your hands on research and use it in your day-to-day practice? How can researchers help you to do so?
    • Do you understand what researchers say and write? Would you like to help them to help you?

    Using evidence (and research in particular) will make for more efficient and effective services and ultimately better outcomes for service users. This project is an opportunity for you to:

    • access experts and researchers whose research can help you improve your practice;
    • add to your own continuing professional development;
    • shape the research agenda and ensure researchers are asking the right questions; and
    • ensure the evidence generated is made accessible to practice.

    Join Creating an Impact: Social Care Evidence in Practice, and send us your practice issues in any form (email, comment on our website, short video or audio file etc.) via:

    Register by email to or call 020-7955-6238.





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