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    A report by the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) for Prescribed Services has been published, recommending which specialised services for people with rare conditions should be commissioned nationally in England.

    The services listed in the report will be commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board from April 2013, rather than by Clinical Commissioning Groups. The list will be agreed by Ministers and the Commissioning Board in the autumn.

    The CAG was established to advise the government on which specialised services should be commissioned nationally. The group is chaired by Dr Kathy McLean and includes clinical specialists, health professionals and GPs.

    See list of conditions included below, or view full report here

    1 Specialised Cancer Services (adults)
    2 Blood and Marrow Transplantation (all ages)
    3 Haemophilia and other related bleeding disorders (all ages)
    4 Specialised Services for Women's Health (adults)
    – Complex urinary and gynaecological surgery (adults)
    – Specialised Maternal medicine services and Fetal medicine (adults)
    5 Assessment and provision of equipment for people with complex physical disability (all ages)
    6 Specialised spinal services (all ages)
    – Spinal cord injury
    – Complex Spinal Surgery
    7 Specialised rehabilitation services for brain injury and complex disability
    8 Specialised Neurosciences services (adults)
    9 Specialised Burn Care services (all ages)
    10 Cystic Fibrosis services (all ages)
    11 Specialised Renal Services and Transplants (adult)
    12 Specialised intestinal failure and home parenteral nutrition Services (adult)
    13 Specialised cardiology and cardiac surgery services (adult)
    14 HIV/ AIDS treatment and care services (adults)
    15 Cleft Lip and Palate services (all ages)
    16 Specialised Immunology services (all ages)
    17 Specialised Allergy services (all ages)
    18 Specialised services for Infectious Diseases (all ages)
    19 Specialised services for liver, biliary and pancreatic medicine and surgery
    20 Medical Genetic services (all ages)
    21 Specialised Learning Disability Services
    22 Specialised Mental Health Services (all ages)
    – Specialised Addiction Services
    – Specialised Psychological therapies (inpatient and specialised outpatient services)
    22.1 Specialised Services for Eating Disorders
    22.2 Secure / Forensic Mental Health Services
    22.3 Specialised Mental Health Services for the Deaf
    22.4 Gender Identity Disorder Services
    22.5 Perinatal Mental Health Services (Mother and Baby Units)
    22.6 Complex and/or Refractory Disorder Services
    22.7 Specialised Services for Asperger Syndrome and Autism Spectrum
    Disorder (AS and ASD)
    22.8 Tier 4 Severe Personality Disorder Services (adults)
    22.9 Neuropsychiatry Services
    22.10 Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
    23 Specialised Services for Children
    24 Specialised Dermatology services (all ages)
    25 Specialised Pathology (all ages)
    26 Specialised Rheumatology services (all ages)
    27 Specialised Endocrinology services (adults)
    28 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Services (adults)
    29 Specialised Respiratory Services (adults)
    30 Specialised Vascular Services (adults)
    31 Specialised Pain Management Services (adults)
    32 Specialised Ear Services (all ages)
    – Cochlear Implantation Services
    – Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Services
    – Auditory Brainstem Implantation Services
    – Middle Ear Implantable Hearing Aid Services
    – Other Specialised Surgery Services
    33 Specialised Colorectal Services (adults)
    34 Specialised Orthopaedic Services (adults)
    – Elective
    – Trauma
    35 Morbid Obesity Services (all ages)
    36 Specialised Services for metabolic disorders (all ages)
    37 Specialised Ophthalmology Services (adults)
    38 Specialised Haemoglobinopathy Services (all ages)





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