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    ‘Domestic Violence Policy’ now in place with all Welsh social landlords.

    Back in May 2014 the Welsh housing minister, Carl Sargeant, threatened to stop funding social landlords that did not have a clear strategy in place to tackle domestic violence. According to a report from Inside Housing, Welsh government figures show that in 2013 only around 18% of local authorities and 68% of social landlords had a domestic abuse policy for tenants.

     Every social landlord in Wales now has a domestic abuse policy for both tenants and staff following an intervention by the Welsh housing minister. This compliance has had a timely arrival with the announcement made earlier this week by Home Secretary Theresa May for a consultation to look at strengthening the law against psychological abuse. Theresa May said:

     ‘I want perpetrators to be in no doubt that their cruel and controlling behaviour is criminal.’

    The Welsh government says it is the first in the UK to reach full compliance on policies for domestic abuse. 

    Carl Sargeant announced he will not fund organisations that don’t comply to what he thinks is a common sense approach to community safety. For organisations that don’t want to move forward on the issue of domestic violence, their relationship will cease.

    Carl Sargeant said:

    ‘Domestic abuse is sadly still a serious issue for families and communities across Wales and I’ve long made it clear that the housing sector has a central role to play in tackling these offences.

    There is no doubt that the sector has come a long way in the past year and having up-to-date, workable policies is another huge step in the right direction. The challenge now is to ensure that policies are all effectively implemented, monitored and updated in order to best support the many people that are vulnerable across Wales.’ 


    August 22, 2014 by Laura Wightman Categories: Client Groups

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