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    A group of students from Wearside is teaming up with police in the area to produce a film highlighting domestic violence.

    The first year media students and third year drama students at the University of Sunderland have created four short films that cover financial, emotional, physical and sexual forms of domestic abuse, reports the Sunderland Echo. peoplecircle.jpg

    These films will be used to help train and educate people to see the signs and effects of domestic violence.

    Adelle Hulsmeier, lecturer in drama andperforming arts at the University of Sunderland, said: “Our undergraduates have once again proven they can tackle sensitive material with maturity and dedication. The issues have been addressed in a creative and educational fashion and clearly fit the brief of an awareness video. The students have created four engaging pieces of work and I am proud of their achievements, and commend them for their hard work throughout the process.”

    Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “I’m delighted to once again give my support to University of Sunderland students by attending this event and presenting the awards to the well-deserved winners. The films will go a long way to educate and raise awareness of all forms of domestic abuse, not just the physical aspects but also those controlling features such as financial or emotional abuse, which are sometimes difficult to recognise, even by those who are suffering from it.”

    A spokesperson for Rape Examination Advice Counselling Help, who, along with the Sexual Assault Referral Centre also collaborated on the project, said: “Nowhere else in the country is a University working in such close partnership to educate their student population about this important government strategy. This innovative work brings a new element to undergraduate’s studies, giving them the opportunity to work to a real brief with some challenging topics.”

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    June 10, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Domestic Violence

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