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    Since working more closely with tenants to prevent arrears due to welfare reforms, social landlords have issues 10,000 less claims for possession in the last year.

    Possession claims occurs in a county court as part of the legal process for gaining possession of a property if a tenant is in arrears or has broken a tenancy agreement. The Ministry of Justice published figures that show social landlords issued 97,924 possession claims in 2014 which is down 9% on the figures from the previous year, reports Inside Housing.

    The suggested decrease in claims is due to landlords communicating with their tenants at earlier stages as the there is a need for better arrears management under welfare reform.

    Viv Davies, director of rent control and rent collection at Family Mosaic, said the number of possession claims at the 19,000-home landlord have decreased slightly in the last year due to better dialogue with tenants. He said: “We are getting to know our tenants better and are more engaged.” Mr Davies said Family Mosaic now uses text messaging to remind tenants to pay their rent. He also in some cases uses the threat of a small claims action against tenants.

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    March 06, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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