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    Empty housing in Cardiff is being brought back in to use to tackle homelessness.

    40 empty properties will offer temporary accommodation for up to three years to homeless individuals and families.

    Cardiff Council are working with Cardiff Community Housing Association to bring the properties up to standard so they can be used to help tackle homelessness.

    The 40 homes have all been empty for some time, and therefore will help improve the community for them to be renovated.

    It will also improve the homeless situation in the area, as there has been a long term void in available housing

    The Welsh Government started the House into Homes Scheme in April 2012 to help get houses back on the property market.

    This is because around 22,000 properties in Wales are empty as they are derelict and unattractive despite demand for housing.

    As part of this scheme, Cardiff City Council were awarded just over £1 million at the end of last year to start projects and partnerships such as this.

    Over 1,400 homes are believed to be empty in Cardiff, while almost 10,000 families are on the Council’s housing waiting list.

    Kevin Protheroe, Cardiff Community Housing Association's chief executive, said:

    Our vision is to provide homes and regenerate communities and this project is a great example of this.

    There is a major shortage of good quality rented accommodation in Cardiff and this scheme with the council and Bullock will enable us to go some way in providing good quality, secure, warm homes for the families and individuals who will be living in them.



    May 03, 2013 by Support Solutions Categories: Homelessness

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