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    One council has seen eviction rates double since the introduction of the government’s bedroom tax last April.

    Through a freedom of information request it has been revealed that Norwich City Council has evicted sixteen households due to rent arrears between April 2013 and January 2014, compared to eight in the same period the year before, reports 24dash. 

    Green Party councillor Ash Haynes, who made the FOI request, said: “This is further evidence that the coalition government’s welfare reforms are not working. Their impact is being seen in evictions figures and lengths of food bank queues. While evictions are caused by multiple factors, the tax adds to the burden many face. Eviction is the worst fear of many tenants, many of whom are sacrificing all they can to make ends meet. Nobody should have to live with this fear, so I repeat the Green Party’s calls on the Labour city council cabinet to make a written public commitment that nobody will be evicted due to the bedroom tax. Councillors are seeing the effect on people’s lives. Evictions also represent a huge cost to Norwich City Council, and we cannot afford to let them continue to rise at this rate.”

    Norfolk People’s Assembly publicity officer David Peel said: “Since this pernicious and unjust tax was introduced evictions have doubled. The misery inflicted on individuals and on children in already difficult circumstances by this government is amoral and unacceptable. We urge people facing the bailiffs to contact us so we can surround their homes, link arms and stop these evictions.”

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    May 06, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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