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    Official statistics have revealed that the number of families living in bed and breakfasts for more than six weeks has seen a rise by 10% this year.

    The Communities and Local Government department showed that of 2,090 households with children staying in B&Bs by the end of June this year, 760 of these have been in B&Bs for more than six weeks. Last year the number was 690.Cliff Top Hotel

    It is illegal for councils to house people in accommodation for longer than six weeks.

    The number of applicants accepted as homeless by councils saw a 5% rise in the past year and the numbed placed in temporary accommodation rose by 9%. The number of households in bed and breakfasts, hostels and women’s refuges increased by 3%, from 8,630 last year to 8,910 households this year.

    Crisis have warned that the figures are highlighting the impact that the government’s welfare reforms and say the government need to “rethink” cuts to housing benefits.

    “People who need the support of housing benefit to make ends meet have seen cut after cut in the amount they receive. We have been warning for years that this would drive up homelessness and today’s figures could not be clearer. Thousands are becoming homeless because their housing benefit is no longer enough for them to be able to pay the rent,” Leslie Morphy, chief executive, said.

    Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, added: ‘These figures are a wake-up call. Ordinary families are falling through the net and risk losing everything. We’re worried about the thousands more just behind them who are living on a knife-edge, where all it takes is a sudden job loss or illness to tip a family into a downward spiral that can put their home at risk.’

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    September 06, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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