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    A record of £2.825bn has been borrowed from the government by NHS hospitals last year

    Official NHS figures also show that trusts in England were loaned £530m for building projects and for new equipment such as scanners, bringing the total amount of funding provided during the year to £3.36bn.

    Research by the House of Commons library done on behalf of Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat Health Spokesman and backed by NHS finance experts claim that the “astronomical £2.825bn showed that hospitals were struggling because the service is receiving far less money than it needs”, according to reports by the Guardian.

    • The money was shared between 109 of England’s 156 acute trusts and one mental health trust
    • The biggest loan of £191.9m was received by the biggest trust, Barts Health trust, on top of its expected £1.5bn annual budget. Barts Health trust had a deficit of £135m last year despite the loan received
    • The second biggest loan of £145.8m was received by King’s College Hospital NHS foundation trust in south London
    • The third biggest was £125.3m from London North West Healthcare NHS trust
    • North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS foundation trust received a loan of £97.5m and
    • United Lincolnshire, £77.7m

    Norman Lamb, a health minister in the team of the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, in the coalition government until last year’s general election, said:

    “These bailouts demonstrate the impossible situation in the NHS’s finances. £2.825bn is an astronomical sum. It reinforces the need for the government to confront this visible underfunding of the NHS.

    “This in effect endorses after-the-event colossal overspending by acute hospital trusts, which reinforces the injustice in spending between physical health on one hand and mental and social care on the other. They lose out because we continue propping up acute hospitals, which is a broken system of healthcare”.

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    For more details, visit the Guardian.

    July 18, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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