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    Residents of One Housing Group will now find it easier to move into new properties with free access to House Exchange, a free online property exchange service. Monthly Fees 3

    Due to the rising need for people to downsize their homes due to welfare reforms reducing their housing benefit, one housing association is allowing its tenants free access to a home exchange site.

    The website has almost a quarter of a million homes available for exchange from across the UK. House Exchange is run by Circle Housing, is a not-for-profit service which pairs up prospective partners who wish to exchange their homes, reports 24dash.

    One Housing Group’s John Gregory said: “This scheme opens up new opportunities for our residents. There is enormous demand for affordable housing and many of our residents want to move to look for work or to live nearer to family and friends, but cannot owing to the scarcity of available housing. We’re very pleased to give our residents free access to House Exchange and the chance to swap their home with others right across the UK.”

    House Exchange manager Kim Doran said: “We’re delighted to have One Housing Group as a partner. It will make it easier for people in London to swap properties. We know our service will be particularly useful for people who are looking to downsize due to the recent changes to the welfare system.”

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    April 11, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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