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    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has confirmed that mental health services in England will be receiving £1.25bn in next week’s budget.

    Mr Clegg has said that the money, which is to be spent over the next five years, will be mainly being put towards helping over 100,000 young people, reports the BBC. 

    Within the plans waiting times standards will be set for children and extra specialists in talking therapy along with adding extra support to pregnant women and new mothers.

    Speaking during a visit to Clock View Hospital in Liverpool, Mr Clegg said: “There would be an outcry if a child with diabetes was left to cope without support or treatment. But that’s exactly what’s been happening with young people’s mental health services. That’s why I am determined to start a seismic shift to revolutionise children’s mental health care and end this unacceptable injustice.”

    Young people who are self-harming, suffering from depression or at risk of committing suicide are all set to benefit from this new funding.

    The money will also provide support to therapy sessions, family support work, better training for clinicians and the development of websites and online apps for support.

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    March 16, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Mental Health

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