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    The government has said that groups offering mental health support to young people are to receive a multi-million pound funding boost in April.

    Organisations could gain up to £4.8m in top-up grants in 2015-16 and it is the first time they will have been eligible for a share of the government’s £25m voluntary and community sector grants, reports the BBC.

    Young Minds chief executive Sarah Brennan said the windfall would help it provide “a vital lifeline” to families.

    The charity had been awarded £300,000 to support its parents “struggling to support their children’s mental health”, Ms Brennan said.

    The helpline depends on donations and is currently in the highest demand it’s ever been.

    These grants are designed to help and support the organisations that make a difference to young people and their families.

    With one in 10 young people having a diagnosable mental-health disorder, about three in every classroom, the government says it is time for a “step change” in support.

    They also want more emphasis on helping young people get a better understanding of mental health issues and help tackle the stigma.

    Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said: “As a mum myself, I know growing up today is no easy task. Young people are under more pressure than ever before, in ways that are unimaginable to my generation. This is driven home to me every week when I visit schools across the country and talk to pupils about the issues affecting them, mental health comes up time and time again. There must be no trade-off between learning about mental health and academic success. By improving teaching on this subject, we will help young people make sense of mental-health issues and teach them how to keep themselves and others healthy.”

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    March 26, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Mental Health

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