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    The City of Lincoln Council and North Kesteven District Council have been given extra money by the government to help those struggling to make housing payments.

    The money has been given as part of the Discretionary Housing Payment scheme and the people of Lincolnshire who do not get the full amount of housing benefit and are having trouble making rent can apply for a share of the money to help them.

    The City of Lincoln Council has been allocated £215,000 and North Kesteven District council £104,000. This money has been awarded after changes such as ‘bedroom tax' have left many being unable to make their housing payments.

    Martin Walmsley, head of shared revenues  and benefits for the City of Lincoln Council and North Kesteven District Council, said: “This money can really make a difference to those struggling to make their housing payments.

    “It is there to help people who need it over a short period of time and can be used for a number of reasons, including helping with deposits or rent advances, women who are pregnant and need to cover the rent until the baby arrives or people living with a disability who need the extra bedroom.

    “The application process is easy and we will help anyone who needs it to fill in the forms and work through the documents with them.

    “If you want to apply then don't wait, we are ready to help you.”

    Anyone who is eligible for housing benefit and is responsible for paying rent and require further financial help with housing cost can apply for help from the scheme. Each claim is decided on its own merits when determining how much is awarded over what period of time.

    August 23, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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