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    A report has revealed that the home care sector is facing a crisis because of subjugated workers.

    A study by contractor Mears and the Local Government Information Unit have reported that councils should ensure they pay providers to enable them to pay ‘at least’ minimum wage salaries.

    Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow, who led the review, said the home care sector faced a ‘bleak’ future due to the how staff were treated. He stated, ‘the danger is that the good providers are driven out and those providers that can, make a profit by exploiting their workers thrive.

    ‘The price in poor care is paid for by the most frail and vulnerable in our community, and by the care workers they rely on, who get the raw deal.’

    Around 60% of home care workers are on zero hours contracts according to the report. It has been suggested that councils should have better oversight of contracts and should ensure that providers are not giving 15 minute care slots. Also, it was added that home care workers should be licenced, given key worker status and paid the living wage.

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    December 08, 2014 by Shumila Begum Categories: Funding

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