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    Homeless people receiving support from the charity Porchlight have been given the chance to gain work experience via a special programme being piloted at an ASDA in Kent.

    Seven people who are currently staying the charity’s supported accommodation projects have spent the day at the supermarket where they were able to work on the shop floor and receive valuable interview and job seeking advice from ASDA’s Community Life Team, reports 24dash. Supermarket Pushcart 03

    Store Manager, David Jones, said: “We wanted people to come away from the day feeling confident about searching for employment. It was a pleasure to be able to offer such a unique opportunity to people who have experienced difficult times in their lives. I was immensely impressed with everyone who came along. This the first time that ASDA has done anything like this and after such a positive experience we will definitely be doing it again.”

    One of the attendees was offered the chance to assist with the Community Life Team for a week and said: “The whole day was exhilarating and I’m grateful for such an amazing opportunity. I have been searching for work for 6 months now so hopefully this will help my CV to stand out.”

    Mark Pinkney is the charity’s Employment Coordinator: “I can’t thank ASDA enough for giving our service users a taste of real working life. We are fully committed to helping homeless people compete in the job market and the support of local businesses can make the aspiration to work a reality.”

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    March 03, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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