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    According to research conducted by Crisis
    This report from Inside Housing sums up the findings from ‘Homelessness Kills‘- An analysis of the mortality of homeless people in early twenty-first century England.

    /images/homeless_man.jpg/images/blog/open_quote.jpgThe charity for single homeless people is calling on the National Health Service to help prevent high mortality among the homeless after finding the average age of death in the homeless population is 47 compared with 77 in the general population.

    The research, Homelessness Kills, is believed to be the first review of mortality amongst homeless people and also found homeless people are 20 times more likely to die from drug misuse than the general population.

    Off the back of the research Crisis has launched a campaign calling on the NHS to reform health services to better meet the needs of homeless people.

    Leslie Morphy, chief executive at Crisis, said:

    ‘Homeless people are amongst the most vulnerable in our society and it is clear that despite significant investment in the NHS they are not getting the help they need to address their health issues.  The government and health services must do more to improve the health of single homeless people and ensure they can access mainstream and specialist services. If they don’t then we fear homeless people will continue to die much younger than the general population.’

    /images/homeless_feet.jpgThe report also found homeless people were three and a half times more likely to commit suicide than the general population and nearly seven times more likely to die from HIV or hepatitis.

    The campaign demands include that the NHS should ensure homeless people are easily able to register with doctors, and no-one is discharged from hospital without accommodation and support.

    Full article available here.



    October 03, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Other News Online

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