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    Nearly 100 homeless people a day being turned away from homeless shelters in Victoria, Australia.


    According to a government report, an average of 100 people a day are being turned away from Victorian homelessness agencies, The Guardian reports.

    Around 92 people per day, who needed accommodation and support, have been rejected of these services in the past financial year.  

    This report suggests that these agencies are having to deal with high numbers of people in need of shelters – but lack of funding means there is are not enough spaces available to provide for everyone.

    The acting Chief Executive of the Council to Homeless Persons, Sarah Toohey explained, “Every major indicator points to the problem of homelessness worsening, but funding uncertainty means our agencies are fighting the battle with one hand tied behind their back”.

    Toohey also mentioned that the report’s details of the growing number of people being turned away from shelters highlights the need for the national homelessness agreement to be extended. She further stated, “It’s hugely distressing as a sector to know that we are forced to turn away nearly 100 people in need every day simply because we don’t have the resources to help them”.

    The existing national partnership agreement on homelessness provides $23m to Victoria which is due to expire on the 30th June. 

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    January 28, 2015 by Shumila Begum Categories: Care And Support

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