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    A North Wales-based charity, Cais, has warned that more people will find themselves homeless in Wales due to a lack of options.

    Cais blames the lack of options available to individuals due to the change in the type of support that can be offered.

    The Chief Executive of Cais, Clive Wolfendale has described the problem of homelessness as an ‘increasing trend’, BBC reports. 

    Wolfendale further stated, “I think individuals are finding themselves not able to be supported by housing organisations and authorities of all types. The options available are becoming more and more limited. Some of it is just a change of emphasis in support. It’s the way services are being delivered with less emphasis on accommodation and more on employment.”

    The Welsh government have said that they are working with housing associations, councils and charities to help people. They have also mentioned that they will be spending more than £11m on tackling homelessness in the 2015/16 financial year.

    A Spokesman for homeless charity Shelter Cymru stated, “We certainly agree that things are getting more difficult for a lot of people for a range of reasons connected with welfare reform, cost of living and low incomes. 

    “One worrying trend we have identified is the rise in social housing evictions in 2014, which does seem to support Cais’s view that people are running out of options.”

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    January 07, 2015 by Shumila Begum Categories: Charity News

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