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    Over the past five years homelessness has increased by a third with local authorities in England carrying out measures to prevent or relieve homelessness to more than 220,000 cases in 2014/15. risinghouse.jpg

    The Department for Communities and Local Government have released figures showing that the number of prevention or relief cases has fallen slightly, however the number of cases recorded last year had increased by 33% since 2009/10, reports Inside Housing.

    Of the 220,800 cases, 205,100 were to help people at risk of homelessness keep a roof over their heads and the remaining cases were to assist homeless people in securing accommodation.

    Shelter’s chief executive Campbell Robb said: “After dealing with slashes to the welfare system and soaring housing costs, it comes as little surprise that so many people are being driven to the verge of homelessness. And these figures won’t capture all those who are battling alone, rather than turning to their council for help. Every day at Shelter we hear from struggling families and young people who are starting to sink rather than swim, and yesterday’s cuts in housing support for private renters and 18-21 year olds will end up pushing even more under.  The government desperately needs to do more to address the sky high cost of housing in this country, rather than slicing away at the support for those who are suffering at the hands of it.”

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    July 10, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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