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    There has been a large rise in the number of homeless cases in Cambridge, with the city’s housing crisis and welfare reforms holding the blame.

    Latest figures show that there were 262 cases of people or families presenting themselves as homeless in the last year, which is a 41% increase from the 186 figure of the previous year, reports the Cambridge News.

    Emma Hyde, a senior link support worker at Jimmy’s homeless shelter on East Road, said it had been “continually full for as long as I can remember”.

    She said “There’s also sustainment of tenancies – you can’t just give someone a key and say ‘hey you’re sorted. For some people they need to learn how to maintain tenancies again, otherwise the revolving door process is never going to go away.”

    Cllr Kevin Price, the city council’s executive councillor for housing, said the problem “can be attributed mainly to a combination of welfare reform and the increasing number of tenants given notice to quit by private sector landlords. They are also just the tip of the iceberg, as a lot of our efforts are focused on preventing those in precarious housing situations actually becoming homeless, through, for example, access to debt and housing options advice and maintaining tenancies. Given the scale of further welfare reform it is likely that numbers will continue to rise both nationally and in Cambridge and we have to continue investing in both prevention and housing options for those who find themselves without a secure roof over their heads.”

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    May 21, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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