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    “Major incidents in hospitals are usually seen only in the busy winter months but are now becoming a problem all year round”, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said

    The RCN which is holding its annual congress in Glasgow said that across England, “the hospital sector is feeling the strain of financial pressures and increased demand”, reports the Guardian

    According to them, the following are some issues facing local hospitals in England:

    • Beds being placed in corridors and patients treated in storerooms in order to move people out of A & E
    • Ambulances queuing outside A & E units or the regular use of “jumbulances”- large ambulances which can accommodate multiple patients- to treat patients while they want to enter the units
    • Patients, often frail older people, being moved at night due to intense pressures for beds
    • Hospitals running with no space capacity at all

    Janet Davies, the RCN’s Chief executive and general secretary said:

    “Having once been the preserve of the worst weeks of winter, overwhelming pressure and major incidents have sadly become the new normal in our hospitals.

    “Units are having to be closed and operations cancelled due to the level of demand when there is no extreme weather and no major outbreaks of infectious diseases.

    “Despite the best efforts and dedication of the staff, these pressures are affecting patients at every stage in their treatment.

    “It is time we had a serious look at how long hospitals can continue to function when they are consistently underfunded and understaffed.”

    A GP, Dr Mary McCarthy also said this to the British Medical Association’s annual conference:

    “Hospital beds in the UK have been steadily eroded without the corresponding increase in social care that is needed to support this move.

    “The UK has less than 300 beds per 100,000 population and in Shropshire, where I am, it’s less than 200.”

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    June 21, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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