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    Merlin Housing Society has donated to a new foodstore to help families affected by food poverty.

    The food plus centre at Juice Community Project in Cadbury Heath is the first of its kind in South Gloucestershire and is run by Bristol-based Matthew Tree Project and provides a weeks-worth of food to feed a family for up to six weeks. Can With Opener

    Merlin is one of the partners of the food store and has donated £250 of food and supplies to the Foodstore, reports 24dash.

    As well as providing food the Foodstore also offers financial and health advice whilst also recommending that people go on food skills or cookery course to help make people more self sufficient.

    Community Investment Officer Kay Rose said: “We’re committed to improving the communities we work in which is why we were pleased to make this donation. We know that times are tough for some people and that food poverty is a growing issue. We provide advice to people on how to manage their money and to make sure they’re claiming all the benefits they’re entitled to. But we’re pleased to be a partner of the Foodstore so that we can help refer those in the greatest need to this great new service.” 

    Juice Community Project Director Janice Suffolk said: “Last year we had people coming in and asking if there was a local food bank because they were struggling. We decided to find an organisation that helps people suffering from food poverty and found the Matthew Tree Project. We liked their idea that they try to solve the long term problem behind poverty. We’ve already got eight clients that we’re helping and so it’s really important that we get donations from people and organisations like Merlin. I am so grateful to Merlin Housing for their very generous donation to the Foodstore and for their on going support for all the work we are doing here in Cadbury Heath.”

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    February 21, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Community And Localism

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