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    Caldmoreaccord and the Black Country Foodbank are working together to help tenants struggling with debt and unemployment.Sad Silhouette

    They will also provide support to customers getting into work and refer those with drug or alcohol problems to specialist services. Vouchers will also be handed out to the 7,200 home providers most vulnerable customers for food parcels which can be ex-changes for three-day’s worth of food from the food bank, reports 24dash. 

    Sarah Turner, Caldmoreaccord’s community housing officer, said: “We are really proud to be working with the Black Country Foodbank in a partnership that is about so much more than giving out vouchers for food parcels. It’s about helping some of our most vulnerable customers to get back on their feet by tackling underlying issues that are forcing them to seek emergency food in the first place, such as problems with debt, unemployment or illness.”

    Emma Crook of the Black Country Foodbank said: “Foodbank provision offers people a breathing space to make positive choices. Hungry people do desperate things, so this partnership is really valuable in giving folk that opportunity while they are engaged with Caldmoreaccord.”

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    November 26, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Community And Localism

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