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    Bolton at Home is believed to be the first landlord in the country to pledge to rehome anyone who goes into arrears and is evicted due to bedroom tax.

    This ‘no homelessness' pledge for bedroom tax will see Bolton at Home moving tenants to another home if said tenant finds themselves falling into arrears due to the bedroom tax; as long as they have ‘engaged' with the organisation.

    The landlord says that it will rehome people who are evicted into its empty properties, or into a private sector leasehold property. John Dunn, who is the assistant director for housing services at Bolton at Home, has said that those moved will pay affordable rent, or market rent, and will be on starter tenancies. Currently, Bolton at Home has around 300 properties which are void, and a turnover of 35 voids a week. Last year 77 people were evicted for rent arrears.

    This ‘no homelessness' policy differs from the ‘no eviction' policies which have been announced by a number of councils, as Bolton at Home will still evict those who go into arrears because of bedroom tax. Bolton at Home have decided against the implementation of a ‘no eviction' policy as they are concerned it would lead to underpayment of rent.

    Jon Lord, chief executive of Bolton at Home, said: ‘We have introduced the ‘no homelessness' policy, which we believe is fairer than a ‘no eviction' policy as it encourages all tenants to address their arrears issues and does not benefit anyone who fails to pay their rent or fails to respond to the support we offer.'

    August 20, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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