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    An odd, and pretty grim concept, however Brighton Housing Trust have seen how this can be viable solution for homeless people.

    Brighton Housing Trust will begin work with QED over the next four weeks to begin work on turning shipping containers into accommodation for homeless people. Brighton Housing Trust’s chief executive, Andy Winter said that when the idea was first presented to him he thought it was ‘either April Fool’s Day or we had lost all concept of decency.’ Containers - HDR

    However this time of work has already been used in the Netherlands by TempoHousing and after viewing these images, Mr Winter soon realised something great could be achieved.

    The trust is developing 36 studio flats within two block using adapted shipping containers within the town centre. The units have been designed and constructed in Holland specifically for a social housing project in Amsterdam that failed due to funding difficulty, says Mr Winter in an article for the Guardian.

    The room sizes would be the same as if they were sharing; however each person would get their own kitchen, bathroom and front door.

    This concept has rarely been used in the UK however there are examples of this across Europe. The most notable project is in Amsterdam and the development of 1,000 was created in the same way as the ones in Brighton will be.

    The project has a great sustainability perspective as the accommodation units can be transferred to other location should the need arise.

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    October 24, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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