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    The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has said housing can help health and wellbeing, but the sectors need to work together.

    The report shows how good housing can help people leave hospital more quickly and help care to be delivered more effectively.

     The CIH have called for housing associations and landlords to work more closely with health and social care providers, to get the benefits from the partnership.

    They have suggested a localised approach to this, and have suggested that housing organisations approach local GPs and new commissioning groups to offer local services, such as supported housing, housing-related support, housing improvements, adaptations and palliative home care.

    This can improve people's health and well-being as well as save money for health and social care providers.

    The report is based on meetings held by the CIH earlier this year, delivering housing, health and care outcomes, where people expressed interest in promoting the application of assistive technology.

    Domini Gunn, director of health and well-being at CIH consultancy, said:

    We need to demonstrate the value and cost benefits of investment in housing and housing-related support more effectively to our health and social care colleagues.

    This report is designed to help identify opportunities and develop a business case for housing-related support, including telecare and telehealth, service commissioning and development.

    Tunstall managing director Simon Arnold said:

    The report plays a crucial role in highlighting the opportunities and challenges faced by housing, health and social care.

    Events such as the CIH summits bring together key players from across the sectors, all of whom have a common interest in promoting the application of assistive technology.



    May 08, 2013 by Support Solutions Categories: Housing And Benefits

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