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    Due to the growing need for single bedroom accommodation a development of new homes has begun in Llandudno. Symbol Home From Hands Isolated On White

    North Wales Housing has acquired a brownfield site in Llandudno and after demolishing the existing unoccupied building will begin to create the new development of nine one bedroom flats, names ‘The Stables.’

    Once ‘The Stables’ is complete it will help to meet the growing need of single bedroom properties. It has been developed to Sustainable Homes Code Level 3, with high levels of insulation which will minimise energy consumption and reduce average energy bills, reports 24dash.

    Paul Diggory, Chief Executive at North Wales Housing said: “There is a clear demand for this type of property and whilst none of the tenants at the Stables have been re-housed due to the impact of the bedroom tax, we’re looking at a number of other sites across North Wales were we can re-develop or build similar properties. The allocation of our properties in line with bedroom tax criteria is still being managed but we are making progress and have seen a reduction in the overall number of tenants under-occupying from 309 cases in April to 268 today. Those still under-occupying represent just over 10% of our overall current tenants. We are working closely with them to ensure that they are aware of the options available to them and that they have the best chance possible in paying their weekly shortfall in rent. As a housing association, the under-occupation is having a detrimental effect in terms of our ability to let properties, particularly two bed flats above ground floor and three bedroom semi-detached properties. We are being left in a position where some properties are becoming more difficult to let, either due to the number of bedrooms or their location. It’s a difficult situation but one we are managing closely.”

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    February 11, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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