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    A housing association’s staff in Liverpool has donated hundreds of groceries to a food bank to help families who are struggling to afford food.

    Cobalt Housing’s staff has collected over 200 items for the T Good Shepherd Church in Croxeth which is one of the food bank’s eight distribution centres in the city. The items ranged from baby goods to breakfast cereals. Supermarket

    Victoria Ponsonby-Martin, north Liverpool food bank co-ordinator, said: “The number of people we have fed has doubled to 3,400 in the space of a year, but demand for our help far outweighs supply. We’re very grateful to all the staff at Cobalt for supporting us. Without their help and the help of the public and businesses, we would not be able to feed people in need. The biggest crises for people are being caused by benefits being delayed, and the bedroom tax is also kicking in. Some people are struggling to pay their rent and it’s often a choice between doing that, putting food in the cupboard, or being unable to do either.”

    The housing association, which provides 5,900 homes, is also planning another collection for the food bank at Christmas which will include donations of festive gifts for children, reports 24dash.

    Cobalt’s managing director, Alan Rogers, added: “We know that big changes like the bedroom tax are pushing lots of our customers to the limit. We are working hard to try to support people, but staff felt very strongly that they wanted to do more. We hope that the food donations go some way to helping those people in real need.”

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    December 10, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Community And Localism

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