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    Golden Gates Housing Trust has announced plans to support its tenants and their family members into employment.

    Golden Gates Housing Trust have said that they are committed to supporting its residents deal with changes that have occurred due to the Government’s Welfare Reforms and the decline in the economy. In order to do this the Trust’s Board of Directors set aside just over £2m at the beginning of 2012 so that they can invest it into creating a dedicated Employment Team, reports GGHT to 24dash. Online Jobs Concept

    A series of targets were set which included helping 450 local residents into employment, education and volunteering over three years. A report by the Trust shows that it is on track to reach its target.

    One of the earliest and most successful initiatvies by the trust was the development of an in-house Trainee and Apprenticeship programmes. Currently 49 residents have been recruited on twelve month long Trainee contracts and 28 Apprenticeships on three year contracts. The cost of these came in just under £1m.

    The Trust’s most recent project, Positive Change programme, is a new scheme which has attracted 650 registrations from those living in its homes and on its estates. The scheme uses modern communication methods to connect people registered with the Trust’s own employment, training and volunteering opportunities. It also includes those opportunities from local organisations.

    The Trust says that it is committed to taking its employment services out into the community so that it can support its tenants and establish a series of highly successful job clubs.

    Tracey Walsh, Employment Initiatives Manager for GGHT, said: “We have developed a range of ways to engage with our residents and provide them with support into employment, training and volunteering. Whether it is attending one of our weekly job clubs to receive face to face support or just asking us a question by email or on our Facebook site, our residents can get what they want at a time and place that suits them. Our approach also supports the objectives set out in Warrington’s Learning and Skills Plan. We are committed to working in partnership with training providers, suppliers, the voluntary sector and local businesses to provide targeted employment and skills support. Our approach has also ensured that resources are targeted in areas where there is the greatest need in order to address the gap in levels of skills, employment and earnings between the most and least deprived parts of Warrington”.

    Roy Smith, Chair of GGHT, said: “”At GGHT we are committed to improving life chances for our tenants, their families and other residents who live on our estates. I am delighted to see the progress that we have made in the last 18 months and look forward to future schemes helping to support more local people into local jobs. In particular I am confident that the new incentive scheme we have launched with Warrington Borough Council will help create a significant number of additional opportunities for Warrington residents.”

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    January 13, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Community And Localism

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