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    If you’re social organisation is yet to embrace the world of social media, let us give you a helping hand as we divulge our best tips for getting started on social media.

    Social media is a great and powerful tool, which could soon become integral to your social organisation. Starting social media can be a scary process that’s why we’re here to help. Here are our some of our top tips for getting your social organisation started on social media.

    –          Start small: Before you go setting up an account on every platform available, stop and think first where the majority of your audience is. For most this will be Facebook and Twitter. Begin on these platforms, get used to them, get interacting, then once you feel like you’ve got a comfortable grasp of them, begin implementing more platforms.

    –          Talk to people: We’ve said it before and without a doubt will say it again; you need to be social on social media. Find the people you work with, look for other organisations who you work with, talk to people you’d like to work with. Begin chats, share others content, the more social you are, the more rewarding the experience will be.

    –          Listen to feedback: Many now turn to social media to express concerns and give feedback. Listen to what they’re saying and take it on board. Acknowledge that you’ve received the feedback and highlight how you’re going to resolve the problem.

    –          Find interesting people to follow: The more interesting the person you follow, the more you’ll get out of following them. It’s important that you follow and engage with relevant people. Just because someone may promise a follow back or has lots of followers does not mean they’ll be relevant or interesting. Find the people that will make a difference to your organisation.

    –          Don’t expect to be a success overnight: Social media takes time and patience. You’re not going to get millions of followers over night or reach thousands of people daily. Take it step by step and gradually build upon your platforms each day. It can be time consuming, but it’s very rewarding.

    If you’d like more tips on getting started on social media, or would like us to visit you to help you set up your social media, we’d be more than happy to help.

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    This blog post has been written by our sister company The Media Bubble who specialise in social media for the social sector.


    November 19, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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