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    “Housing charity, Shelter, has released figures that reveal more than 148,000 renting households in England were put at risk of losing their home in the past year- equivalent to 350,000 renters”, 24Dash reports.

    After analysing statistics from the Ministry of Justice, the housing charity (Shelter) found the following:

    • An identification of ‘home threat hotspots’ across the country where renters risk losing their homes as a result of insufficient affordable homes and crippling welfare cuts
    • In London, Enfield has 1 in 23 rented homes under threat of eviction followed by Barking and Dagenham (1 in 23), Havering (1 in 27) and Croydon (1 in 27)
    • Luton has 1 in 28 rented homes at risk, Thurrock (1 in34) and Peterborough (1 in 35); these areas are part of the country’s 20 ‘home threat hotspot

    In the past year, the number of people seeking advice from ‘Shelter’ on their eviction issues is on the increase – 9,800 people facing eviction have called the Shelter helpline, and 500,000 people have visited their website eviction advice pages.

    The helpline director for shelter, Nadeem Khan said the following according to reports by 24Dash:

    “Everyday at Shelter, we hear from people who are struggling to keep up with their rent, many in total desperation after the court papers land on their doormat and the threat of being evicted becomes very real.

    “It is natural to feel overwhelmed, but remember you’re not alone- Shelter is here 365 days a year.”

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    June 15, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Charity News

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