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    Rape Crisis, a charity for abused women and girls, says that they have had a 40% rise in calls since the emergence of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. Telephone

    Rape Crisis England and Wales have said that its national helpline had received 78,000 calls in the 12 months to October, whereas they only received 55,000 the year before. Local centres had also seen an increase in the use of their services.

    The rise in the number of those coming forward over abuse reflects similar trends recently reported by the NSPCC and in police statistics that BBC Radio 5 live obtained, reports the BBC.

    Rape Crisis spokeswoman Katie Russell said: “Shocking as the revelations of the last year have been, they’ve reinforced what we within the Rape Crisis movement have learnt through our 40 years’ experience of providing specialist support to women and girls – that sexual violence sadly happens a lot more than most people think, and that the impacts for the survivor can be devastating and lifelong.”

    She went on: “We know from this frontline work how difficult it can be for those raped and sexually abused as children to seek help at the time. This is reflected in the fact that 450 survivors have reported Savile since his death, while only four felt able to during his lifetime. This is one among many reasons why our services and their continuation are so vital.”

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    October 02, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Domestic Violence

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