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    Care minister has called a crisis summit to ask for all staff and service users to submit ideas on home care.Together

     Norman Lamb held a summit yesterday with home care providers and care workers on how to improve standards across the home care sector.

    He is hoping this will help improve the quality of care as well as the working conditions for staff. The current system is encouraging the standards to slip as poor care, low wages and neglect are all linked.

    Using a recent BBC broadcast where a woman’s family used their own CCTV evidence to show the poor quality of care she was receiving, he said that staff are often acting with little regard for the people they are supposed to be looking after.

    Home care providers have put a lot of this down to constant cost cutting, which means they are unable to increase wages or hire extra staff, and has forced care workers to spend less time with clients.

    Mr Lamb said:

    We need to transform care now for the sake of the 300,000 people currently getting home care and for the millions more who will need it in years to come.

    Government is doing its part with once-in-a-generation changes to social care laws and how care is paid for. And the forward-thinking businesses and organisations meeting today are joining the push for a better way of doing things. But more needs to be done.

    That is why I’m asking for everyone from home carers to managing directors to those receiving care to come forward and tell us how to make the system work.

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    June 14, 2013 by Support Solutions Categories: Adult Services

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