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    Stroud resident supports addicts after rehabilitation.

    Magic PillsFive vulnerable adults have settled into a residential house in Stroud after a local resident decided he wanted to do more to help and support people in the area who suffer with drug and alcohol misuse.

    Dave Guy is a founding member of Marah, a Christian charitable organisation committed to supporting vulnerable and marginalised adults in the Stroud District, helping them to move on from their addictions and circumstances. Just over 18 months ago, Dave decided to then set up the organisation Ebenezer, a Christian charity which helps people in recovery from addiction to reach their true potential.

    Dave Guy set up Ebenezer when he noticed that there was a lack of support for addicts after their initial rehabilitation treatment. Dave said the following:

    Just because they have stopped drinking or taking drugs does not mean that they are completely cured and that they can just go off and find a house and a job and carry on with life as normal. But currently there is nothing really available in the Stroud area to give that extra bit of support to recovering addicts to help them move on and back into society.

    When we founded Ebenezer we always knew that we wanted a house so that these adults could feel safe and at home without the temptation to relapse. But we needed to find the perfect location.

    As Ebenezer is a dry house helping people with addiction problems , the residents are not permitted to drink alcohol or take drugs on the premises.

    It was the absolute perfect location for what we needed. The view is beautiful, it is quiet and away from the town centre and the neighbours are really supportive of what we are trying to do.

    Ebenezer House is a nine month programme in which all residents must complete compulsory courses in health and hygiene and relapse prevention. Residents are also expected to be involved in the gardening work as well as taking part in the Alpha course – which explores the basic principles of Christianity.

    Lisa is a recovering alcoholic living at Ebenezer House:

    I think the best thing about the programme is that even when we are ready to leave here and be independent we know that the support will never stop. The people who run this house are great. They put their heart and soul into everything they do in order to help everyone who lives here.

    Source: Stroud News

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