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    New figures show that almost three quarters of English councils have placed young people leaving care into bed and breakfast accommodation last year. Cliff Top Hotel

    Children’s charity Barnardo’s have obtained date through Freedom of Information requests which reveal 73% of local authorities in England have placed young care leavers in B&B accommodation in the last year, reports Inside Housing.

    The survey found that 46% of councils had placed young care leavers in B&B’s more than once over the last year and 51% had placed young care leavers in B&B’s for over 28 days.

    Barnardo’s director of strategy, Puja Darbari, who went undercover for one night to investigate the matter, said: “Many of these young people have already had horrific childhoods. Surely we owe them more than placing them on their own in such squalid and isolating environment, against government guidelines.”

    Data shows that over 800 young care leavers were placed in B&B’s last year.

    Ms Darbari said: “Having spent the night in a B&B where care leavers have been placed and having experienced awful conditions, I am horrified that this is how we treat vulnerable young people in desperate need of a place to stay. From the noise of people right outside the door to the pest control box in the room and sirens wakening me in the middle of the night, it really was a horrible experience.  I’m a grown woman and I was scared. I can’t begin to imagine how a 16-year-old would cope in that situation.”

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    September 09, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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