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    Self Portrait 2Numerous charities are warning that not enough is being done to spot the early signs of mental health issues in younger people.

    Organisaions such as Rethink Mental Illness, the Mental Health Foundation and Sane believe that lives are being put at risk. They want more training for people like teachers and GPs and also want to raise awareness among parents and teenagers so that people know what signs they should be looking for.

    Many people find themselves unable to attend school and work due to these undiscovered issues, reports the BBC.

    One worker from the charity the Mental Health Foundation, Barbara McIntosh, believes that teachers can play a large role in helping to spot mental health problems among their students. She believes that everyone who comes into contact with children should be aware of what signs to look for.

    “I think they [teachers] have a really tough job and they don’t always get the right support,” she said. “They’re asked to do an incredibly important and difficult job without the right tools [but] you can buy in support form a range of organisations.”

    As well as teachers, charities say that parents, GPs friends and anyone who comes into contact with children should be given help in learning how to spot symptoms of possible mental health disorders.

    Rachel Hobbs, from charity Rethink, said: “All the evidence shows that the sooner a mental health problem is diagnosed and treated the less likely it is to go on to develop to become more problematic in later life and the more chance you have of a full recovery. A lot of people don’t realise mental health problems are completely treatable and you can recover. The earlier you spot it the more likely that is to happen.”

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    January 13, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Mental Health

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